SS Peter and Paul Primary School




Learning a foreign language opens doors to other cultures and fosters children’s curiosity and understanding of the world. Language learning also builds confidence and provides young learners with the tools to develop into confident and competent communicators. Our aim at SS Peter and Paul is to ensure that children develop a good basic understanding of Spanish and a love for language learning. Through the teaching of phonics and early exposure to the sound-meaning-spelling link, we provide them with the skills and tools to become independent, confident learners of Spanish so that they have the foundation blocks to succeed at secondary school and beyond. In Key Stage 1, children are introduced to Spanish informally through songs, games and rhymes. From year 3 onwards students learn Spanish in a more formal way through the teaching of phonics and use of songs, videos, stories, rhymes and games so that they are able to practise and develop the core language skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking. As well as the creative and fun activities and task that take place in lessons, there are many opportunities throughout the year to celebrate and learn about the Spanish speaking world and its traditions, festivals and culture including ‘Spanish Day’ in May.