SS Peter and Paul Primary School


What do School Governors Do?
Governing bodies are responsible for the strategic management of their school, working to ensure that it delivers a good quality education.  Together with the Headteacher who is responsible for the day-to-day management, they set the school's aims and policies.  They also carry out a number of other important duties, including:
  • overseeing the school’s budget
  • helping with the appointment of staff
  • making sure school buildings are welcoming and safe
  • setting and monitoring the school’s aims and policies
  • monitoring the performance of the school e.g. in key stage tests
  • advising on school policies and procedures
  • setting pay and conditions for staff
  • providing a vital means for parents and the community to get their views heard by the Governing Body as a whole.
Governors take on the following commitments to help make sure their school is well-managed:
  • sharing the responsibilities of the Governing Body as summarised above
  • attending and participating in Governor’s meetings on a regular basis: the Full Governing Body meets Five times a year and we have two sub-committees (Community and Curriculum and Property and Finance)
  • undergoing appropriate training

Contacting the Governors 
To contact the Governors, feel free to either talk to a Governor listed here or post a letter in the Governors' postbox in the school foyer. During the current pandemic all Governors can be contacted via the school email:

Governors welcome constructive feedback and ideas about the strategic direction of the school.  Please note that Governors do not get involved in the day-to-day functioning of the school, and it is not appropriate to contact Governors about individual children.  For these requests, please either contact your class teacher or a member of the senior leadership team.