SS Peter and Paul Primary School

Mission and Ethos

At SS Peter and Paul, we recognise that we are preparing our children for the challenges of an ever-changing world. We ensure that our children develop the skills to enable them to acquire and retain knowledge, analyse situations and seek out solutions as well as being compassionate and resourceful human beings.


Our mission statement is at the heart of everything we do at school:


As we follow in Christ's footsteps, let us grow in love, knowledge and understanding so that our light may shine for all to see.


We grow in love by following the Gospel values, treating others with kindness and respect.  Raising awareness of those in need and acting to support them, enables children to develop empathy and an understanding of living their faith. We celebrate our similarities and differences and learn about faiths and cultures in our communities. Everyone is encouraged to work together to be stewards of our world and consider how our actions can affect future generations.


We grow in knowledge and understanding by encouraging our children to persevere and become independent thinkers, by exploring the world around them and investigating things they do not understand. Opportunities to question, reflect and explain, enables children to convey their ideas with confidence. We recognise that learning is an unending journey and that we need to be resilient and learn by our mistakes. 


Our light shines when we use the talents God gave us for the benefit of others.