SS Peter and Paul Primary School

Church Communities

Clifton Cathedral

Our school is the church school for the Diocese of Clifton Cathedral on Pembroke Road, Clifton.
On special occasions we celebrate mass at the Cathedral.
Canon Bosco regularly comes in to our school to celebrate masses and other special events.

St Mary on the Quay

‚ÄčOur school is also part of the parish of St Mary on the Quay, situated in Bristol City Centre.

St Joseph's Nursing Home

Our school has strong links with our neighbours, St Joseph's care home for the elderly run by the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Our choir regularly visit the residents and sing songs or give small performances.

On our special feast day, we celebrate with a school picnic in their beautiful grounds.  We also celebrate our Queen of the May service there each year.

St James' Priory

St James' residential support provides services for vulnerable people in need, whatever their background or circumstance.

They rely on donations to support its charitable aims; with this in mind, the children from our school kindly bring in food which is donated to St James' Priory which is then used to provide food for the homeless in Bristol. We also have a special collection at Christmas to support their community.  

‚ÄčThe former Benedictine Priory of St James' is the oldest building in Bristol.  It has a fascinating story to tell as it has witnessed almost a millenia of Bristol's history.