SS Peter and Paul Primary School




Geography Intent

Learning geography gives students deeper understanding of today’s most challenging issues including population, climate, health, and natural resources. Our Geography curriculum aims to inspire children to become curious and fascinated with the wider world and the people who live there. We aim to equip children with knowledge of diverse places, people, resources, environments and to begin to understand the interaction between the earth's key physical and human processes.

Children will learn about globally significant places, how they are interconnected and have changed through time and how they differ from where they live. We aim to provide the children with the skills to collect, analyse, compare and communicate geographical data via fieldwork.  The children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of geographical information, such as maps, diagrams, globes, aerial pictures and drawings from the past, enabling them to pose and answer questions for themselves. The children’s learning is enriched by hands on learning opportunities, including ‘Geography Day’, external speakers and workshops in school, school trips and Year 6 camp.