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SS Peter and Paul Primary School

Learning Resources related to Frogs

Mrs Wilson has found us some tadpoles. We will watch them grow together and share photos of them with you on regular basis.

The link below will help with your learning about the lifecycle of the frog. Don't forget to send us some photos of your learning at home. 

The tank is filled with water from a stream.
Can you count the tadpoles?
The tadpoles are 1-3 cm long
The tadpoles are now 10 days old.
Can you see their mouths and their tummies?
The water in the tank is changed every week.
The water is syphoned out of the tank
The old water is replaced new stream water
Some tadpoles are starting to develop back legs
The tadpoles are 3-6 cm long
Look at the previous pictures
Can you see the changes?
Can you see how the tadpole has developed?
Can you spot the difference between the tadpoles?

Watch the tadpoles swimming in their tank.

Still image for this video
How do they move?
Why do you think they have tails?