School will be closed from 5th January to all students except children of critical workers and vulnerable children. See COVID 19 page for further details.

SS Peter and Paul Primary School

Home Schooling September 2020

Code of Conduct for Remote Learning

It is important that children at home receive quality education and behave as they would in class. To help promote good remote learning behaviour we have produced a Code of Conduct for Remote Learning which can be accessed below. 

Our Covid-19 Action Plan for Learning at Home

At SS Peter & Paul Primary School, we are doing everything possible to maintain a safe environment for our staff and pupils, and to provide continuity of learning. The wellbeing of our children and staff whether they are at home or in school is paramount to everything we do.  Our actions are in response to the national/ local situation and current guidelines.


Our risk assessments reflect advice from the appropriate authorities including DfE and Bristol City Council.  Information regarding the guidance is found on our website


Home learning – possible scenarios

It is recognised that there are several possible situations that can result in children being away from school and we have planned for the situations that can possible occur. The plans assume that the children are well and able to take part in lessons and have access to the internet. Our chosen learning platform is Google Classroom, with Gmail for contact between teachers and pupils/parents/carers. All children will be given work books for Reading Comprehension and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar in addition to work posted online. If you have difficulty accessing online learning please let the school office know.


The school is fully open and some children are at home due to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19

When the majority of children are in school the teachers priority will be the children in school, but we will try our best to support the children at home with the same resources as those being used in the classroom, when it is feasible to do so.


On the first day of absence the class teacher will provide the child or parent with a Google Classroom  log-in which will give them access to the work planned for the class that week. This will include links to White Rose Maths and the teacher's PowerPoints for English lessons. There will also be links for the other subjects taught in class.  If required, work will be delivered to the home for the child to complete. A member of the school community will make contact with the family to ensure that the work can be accessed and completed. Completed work can be emailed to the class teacher via Gmail.

The class teacher will make regular contact with the child to ensure that the learning is understood and the family remain part of the community during their absence. 



A class bubble is closed with children and teacher at home self-isolating or the school is in lockdown

In the event that the class/school is in lockdown we will not expect a child to sit in front of a screen all day. Work will be set via the Google Classroom and will include PowerPoints from the teachers and links to other lessons as well as lessons planned around the workbooks the children have. We will also be providing 7 live Zoom sessions a week. On four mornings during the week there will be a session to explain morning work at 9.10am which last up to one hour. Every afternoon there will be a session to go over the morning's work and set the work for the afternoon. All lessons will be recorded and will be available via the Google Drive.  In addition children will be able contact their teachers via the Google Classroom or Gmail if required. Teachers will phone families on a regular basis to keep in contact. A register will be kept of the children who attended each Zoom meeting. If a child is not present for more that one session their absence will be followed up. 

It will be expected that completed work will be sent to the teacher as requested. Feedback will be given on assignments.