Have a lovely summer break. Term 1 will begin on Monday 6th September 2021.

SS Peter and Paul Primary School


Happiness draining

Occurrence for bad

Positivity needed

Eager for change


A Kite Named Hope



Hope is my kite that will one day take flight

Hope is needed now more than ever

Even if yours has the strength of a feather

Hope will get us through this

YES we WILL do this

Hope is my kite that is always ready for a fight

In these times it feels like we're in the night

Stumbling on unfamiliar ground

Shrouded in an unhappy cloud

We need to stay together forever and ever
Even though our kites are in stormy weather


By Alice Loughlin






The sun is covered,

The sky is grey,

In are darkest moments we are all afraid. 

But we need to remember to stick together,

to stay strong and help one another.

After this the clouds will fade,

The sun will shine no longer faint.

The seas will sparkle,

There is no longer darkness,

No need to go through all this madness.

Out of the many ways we all did cope,

Most importantly, we all had hope.


By Edie Jeans